New Cafcass Guidance

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Cafcass have published new guidance to practitioners in response to the increasing burden of work which its workers face as a result of high court caseloads.  The guidance is intended to allow practitioners to work in a proportionate way and to focus their time on working directly with children as much as possible.  This is likely to mean that we can expect to see fewer Case Analysis reports and Cafcass Guardians/Family Court Advisers attending court hearings much less than they do now.


There will be fewer reports permitted in private law proceedings and the reports will be shorter and more focussed.


The guidance seems to indicate that there is a period of consultation before the guidance will be implemented; however, we understand this has now passed.


All lawyers should be aware of the guidance as it will affect how cases are listed and what evidence is directed from Cafcass.  It can be downloaded here.